Here at HEARTH we are always looking ahead at what’s next. The HEARTH JACKET is our latest product development to keep you warm from work to the trails. Staying warm starts at the core of the body. That’s why we developed a jacket that’s both sleek and stylish for the office, yet durable for the trail. Several years in the making, we are finally here. The heated jackets are currently being manufactured and are ready to purchase. Order here

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The HEARTH heated jacket is our new line of products. We offer both men and women’s jackets for the cold weather. The HEARTH jacket is perfect for watching outdoor sports games comfortably (like football or your child’s soccer game). It’s also great if you simply work outside in the elements. If you want something that can last for hours, then this jacket is for you.


The HEARTH jackets have the heat where it counts…in the pockets! Both pockets are controlled by a USB battery powered button on the chest pocket. It features 3 power levels for individual customization. Our HEARTH jackets operate off a simple USB power bank. The larger the amp hour battery, the longer the jacket stays warm.

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