Founded in 2015 in North Dakota's sub-zero temperatures, HEARTH is setting out to change the market for heated clothing. We firmly believe that our garments will change the way law enforcement, as well as the average person interacts with technology and views heated clothing--no longer as restrictive and bulky but clothing that enables.

We dedicate our time to quality. Our products are meant for the most rugged conditions and are designed to stand the test of time while never restricting your ability to get the job done.


We thrive on incredible customer service. Listening to your feedback as we continue along this journey means the world to us. Without you, we wouldn't have a product, and with your continued encouragement and advice, we can make it so much more than a product.

That all starts with you. If you'd like to learn more, we'd love to have you sign up for our email updates above. We believe that as you walk with us in the development of this incredible product, your support and involvement will be rewarding for both our team and your own interest.